Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing in Action
Wire Sawing with HILTI Wire Saw
Wire Sawing for huge objects
Typical Applications include:

Wire sawing

originated in the stone quarries of
Europe as a fast, safe, and cost effective
alternative to conventional demolition methods.
Wire sawing is a flexible sawing technique that
can be used to cut large, expansive areas.

The wire sawing system uses a series of guide
pulleys to draw a continuous loop of diamond-
studded wire through a cut. The system can be
configured to fit into confined spaces and is ideally
designed for cutting large concrete and steel
This type of cutting has multiple applications. One
benefit of wire sawing is that virtually no cross-
section is too large to cut. There really are no limits
to what you can cut.

Another plus to wire sawing is safety. With our
system, our operator is able to cut from a distance
and is able to avoid any snags or unforeseen
obtrusions that may occur.
No limits in cutting depths or shape
The use of wires allows for concrete cutting and
removal at any depth, configuration and when other
conventional cutting methods are not possible.

No over-cuttings
The wire saws unique cutting medium allows it to
perform scopes of work that traditional sawing and
drilling equipment cannot.

Low noise levels
Faster cutting times and low noise output make wire
sawing a perfect solution when conventional cutting
methods are impractical.
Straight, smooth finished openings in walls, ceilings, and floors
Accurately sized, fixture ready openings
Bevel cutting
Duct openings
Wire Saw from HILTI
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