Controlled Demolition of Concrete

We have a large number of tools that allow us to
effectively remove, handle, and dispose of
concrete walls, patios and floors. Our concrete
demolition tools include a small electric forklift
that allows us to safely remove large cut pieces of
concrete from enclosed structures where fumes
and tight areas are issues.
Various solutions
If full disposal after a concrete demolition job is
required, we will coordinate dumpster deliveries
and disposal. Portions of the removed concrete are
recycled based on a number of factors directly
related to the quality of concrete, steel embedded,
and the size of pieces. We have been asked to
handle crane operations, high security locations, and
sensitive environmental concerns. If you have a
problem, let us help.
Noise and vibration reduced demolition
Remote control operation for safety
Underwater demolition capabilities
Breakers have telescoping boom for easy reach and maneuverability
Any kind of concrete demolition
Typical Applications include:
Concrete slurry has become a large nuisance to
contractors during the demolition phase. Plumbers
and electricians do not like it in their cut trenches.
Flooring contractors do not like to clean it up in order
to lay flooring. We are equipped to work with you to
remove slurry at a reasonable price and dispose of
the concrete slurry properly. We can provide man
power to operate our barrel vacuums, or we can
provide barrel vacuums for your people to use while
we cut.
Remote Concrete Demolition
Remote Concrete Demolition
Remote Concrete Demolition
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Remote Concrete Demolition
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