Our Equipment

We are trying to provide only the highest level of
customer service in the concrete cutting & coring as
well screed & concrete industry.
We are guided by a relentless focus of core values
instilled into our company to constantly strive to
make our services safer, more reliable, quicker, and
most importantly, affordable.
Therefore we always invest in the latest equipment
and machinery on the market as well the
accompanying tools.

Equipment for Screed & Concrete

We only use the best and newest concrete screed machines available on the market. Our screed
machines are characterized by a high standard of performance, state to-the-art technology, safety and a
user-friendly design. The construction processes can be performed in trouble-free way due to the
quality, long life and functionality of our machines. In order to prevent breakdowns of machinery we
only use original parts for repair and regularly execute maintenance of our machines.
Putzmeister Screed Pump 740
Putzmeister Screed Pump 760
Putzmeister Concrete Conveyor SP11
Putzmeister 740
Putzmeister 760
Putzmeister SP11
Power Trowel
Power Trowel
Floor Screed Board
Humidity Control Tool
Humidity / Moisture Control
Screed Boards
HILTI Diamond Coring Machine
Core Bits
Wide Diamond Coring Machine
Hilti Diamond Coring
Angled Diamond Coring Machine
Angled Diamond Coring
Different Sizes of Core bits
Wide Diamond Coring Machine
Handheld Diamond Coring Machine
Hilti Wall Saw
HILTI Hand Saw
HILTI Wire Saw
Various Diamond Saw Blades
Diamond Chain Saw
Handheld Coring Machine
Core Drilling Machine
Core Drilling Machine
Differtent sizes of diamond blades
Hilti Wall Saw
Hilti Hand Saw
Hilti Wire Saw
Diamond Chain Saw

Equipment for Diamond Cutting

Different sized diamond sawing machines, preferably from trusted suppliers such as HILTI are used for
our jobs. As well as with all our machines, we only use original spare parts and tools.

Equipment for Drilling

For our drilling jobs we use different suppliers which are respectively leaders in their special field.
Vertical and horizontal drilling machines use different equipment and tools.

Equipment for Diamond Coring

Preferably we use the most advanced and powerful diamond coring machines from big suppliers such
as HILTI. In order to prevent breakdowns of machinery we only use original parts for repair and
regularly execute maintenance of our machines.
Rock Drill
Extension for Coring Machine
Mobile Rotary Core Drilling Machine
Rock Drill Machine
Mobile Rotary Core Drilling Machine
Laser Screed Machine for large areas of screed
Newest Laser Screed Machine
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