Slab Sawing

Slab Sawing Machine
Typical Applications include:

Slab sawing

, also known as flat or floor sawing, is
used to cut horizontal flat concrete surfaces such
as floors, bridge decks and pavement.

Slab saws feature a diamond blade that is mounted
on a walk-behind machine that requires only one

It is generally used to cut horizontal surfaces in
asphalt or reinforced concrete slab on grade, as
well as cutting suspended slab openings both
indoor and outdoor.
Less Time consuming
We can cut up more than 20 inches in depth but
generally only 8 inches or less is necessary for
most applications.

Slab sawing is the perfect solution for making
penetrations or openings in concrete floors to
access and repair a broken water pipe or sewer
Slap & Road repair
Control & Expansion joints
Stairwells, Elevator openings
Plumbing trenches
Highway patching & runway repair
Demolition and slab removal
Decorative cuttings
Fast, Clean and efficient
The advantage is that slab sawing leaves the
remaining floor slab undamaged and intact. Floor
sawing provides a clean cut line.
Slab sawing is ideal for removal of bridge decks,
airport runways, tarmacs, roadway sections or
patches, etc.

Compared to jack hammering, slab sawing is
less time consuming, far less noisy and creates
less stress to structural areas.
Slab Sawing Result
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