Hand Sawing

Handhald sawing

techniques are generally used
for smaller jobs where it is faster and more cost
effective than using other cutting methods.

Hand saws are highly portable and can access
small, tight areas. Our electric hand saws are
capable of cutting up to 24" depth from one side.
Typical Applications include:
HVAC openings in brick and cinder block
Vertical and horizontal surfaces
Tight spaces where larger equipment cannot be utilized
Small and irregular openings

Diamond Chain Sawing

The diamond chainsaw is used for precision cuts and penetrations through concrete where overcuts are not allowed in the surrounding areas of concrete to remain.

The chainsaw is a 'plunge cut' saw that is able of creating cuts as small as 5" at 1/4" wide with depths of up to 30".

The chain saw is ideal for cutting MEP penetrations where over-cuts would either damage the integrity or destroy the aesthetics of the finished product.
Typical Applications include:
Eliminate overcuts and create perfect 90 degree corners
Irregular shapes
Diamond Chain Saw
Diamond Chain Saw
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