Our Mission

Our Values

It is the mission of Felix Group and all its
companies to provide our customers with 

Our Strength

Mission is our target
Goals are achievable
Integrity and trust
Our values are centered around the
commitment to customer as well as employee
satisfaction. We operate with a knowledgeable
staff and serve our customers with integrity and
respect while giving 100% all the time and stay
focused on our customers valuable contractual
time. Therefor we continually look for creative
solutions to improve the way we provide our
services to meet the needs of our customers.
Quality - Delivering creative commercial solutions
that meet our clients’ needs
Professionalism - Efficiently and effectively
organizing our internal resources
Expertise - Creating a stimulating and challenging
work environment for staff and management
Reliability - Achieving consistently high levels of
organic growth, profitability and cash flow

Our Goals

Our Expertice

Our expertice comes from working in a variety of
different building projects.  With our powerful
machines and state-of-the-art equipment we can
work in major office buildings and towers as well
as hospitals and schools. We provide the necessary
quantity and volume to help finish your projection
schedule. Even industrial plants and facilities as
well as residential and commercial buildings are no
problem for our highly skilled and trained
quality in the concrete coring & cuttingas well as
floor screed & concrete industry while providing
only the highest level of customer service. We are
guided by a relentless focus of core values instilled
into our company to constantly strive to make our
services safer, more reliable, quicker, and most
importantly affordable.
- Mohammad Issa, General Manager -
FCC and FSCC  are family owned and operated
businesses. Our strength comes from an indomitable
will to grow and become better and what we do. Our
experienced team is committed to professional
growth. We continue to invest in our team so that
they can better serve our customers and exceed
their expectations.
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